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Hand Sanitizer!
Hand Sanitizer
A sanitizer product with a alcohol based made to the formula recommended by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the FDA.
CT Gantry Cover!
CT Gantry Covers.
Provides CT Gantry protection from blood, contrast and other bodily fluids.
Clean Screen System!
CR Plate Cleaning System.
A complete CR Plate cleaning solution kit will clean over 500 CR imaging plates.
CD Storage!
Custom Printed CD/DVD Storage Media and Packaging.
Medical Grade CD/DVD Media and generic and/or custom printed packaging for your facility!
Exam capes/gowns!
Exam Gowns/Capes.
Single use, patient exam capes and gowns.
Labels for Envelopes!
Labels And Dispensers.
X-Ray Jacket Marking Labels and Dispensers
Film Envelopes and Jackets!
Mailing / Filing Envelopes and Category Inserts.
Mailing Envelopes, Film Jackets, Mammo Jackets, Midi Jackets, Loan Jackets, Report Folders, and Category Inserts.
Breast Coil Covers/Drapes!
MRI Breast Coil Covers.
Disposable Breast Coil Drapes for specific MR systems.
MRI Earplugs!
MRI Safe Earplugs/Hearing Protection
Foam earplugs which are MR safe and have no known hazards.
BindIt Radioactive Decontamination Products!
Radioactive Decontamination Products
Bind-Itâ„¢ is a safe, gentle and extremely effective cleaner that binds and traps radioactive iodine allowing it to be removed from most surfaces and skin.
Radiology Department Cleaning Products!
Screen Cleaners and Surface Cleaners.
Screen Cleaners and Spray Cleaners for the Radiology Department.
Ultrasound Gel!
Ultrasound Gel.
A wide array of Ultrasound Gel's available in bottles and larger jugs.
Ultrasound Probe Covers!
Ultrasound Probe Covers.
Disposable covers for Ultrasound probes.
Sanitizing wipes!
Sanitizing wipes for medical and radiology facilities.


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