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Pediatric Bassinets!
Warming Cabinets!
Cabinets for various purposes in and around medical facilities.
Anesthesia and Cardiac Cabinets Blanket Warming Cabinets. Fluid Warming Cabinets. Operating Room Warming Cabinets
Pedigo Carts!
Carts. (5)
Mobile carts for various medical applications.
Instrument Container Wash Carts. Supply/UtilityMulti-Purpose Carts. Sterilizer/Autoclaves Carts. Surgical Case Carts Open Case Carts
Pedigo IV Poles!
IV and Infusion Pump Stands.
Available with a full line of accessories.
Pedigo Linen Hampers!
Linen Hampers.
Available in both chrome and stainless steel models.
Pedigo Mayo Stands!
Mayo Stands
Pedigo manufactures a full line of Mayo Stands in both Chrome plated steel, as well as Stainless Steel.
Pedigo Stretchers!
Stretchers (6)
Pedigo's complete line of quality stretchers to meet the needs and budget of any facility!
P-170 Series 5110 Series 5400 Series 7500 Series 7500-NE Series Pediatric Stretcher/Crib
Pedigo Stools/Seating!
Stools And Seating Products.
Top Quality steps stools, chrome stools, stainless steel stools and surgical stools.
Five Series Stainless Steel Foot-Operated Chrome Stools Hydraulic Surgeon's Stools Step Stools
Medical procedure tables!
A wide array of working tables (non-patient) for use in medical facilities.
Central Supply Work Instrument Instrument Assembly Stations Utility


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