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Film/Image Viewing Equipment - By Brand Name!

Techno-Aide X-Ray Illuminators
Techno-Aide. (5)
Another full line of standard film viewing equipment.
General Illuminators Ultra-Thin Illuminators Mammography Viewbox Full Spine 14x36 Bright Spot
Wolf film viewers
Wolf (11)
Another full line of standard film viewing equipment.
InSight Econoline General Practitioner Liberator Mammographic Bright-Spots / Hot-Spots / Magnifying Glass Podiatric 14x36 14x51 Trimline Standard Mobile Stands

Film/Image Viewing Equipment - By Application Type!

Portable Viewboxes
Portable / Mobile Uses. (3)
Viewboxes that can be easily adapted for portable usage and offer optional Handles and/or feet or other mounting systems.
InSight MG-7 Trimline
Economy Viewboxes
Economy / Low Cost
Entry level viewbox for customers with modest requirements and budgets.
Full Spine Viewboxes
Full Spine Orthopedic / Chiropractic. (3)
Large size (14x36 and 14x51) viewboxes for full spine films!
Techno-Aide Full Spine 14x36 Wolf Super 36 (14x36) Wolf Super 51 (14x51)
Regular Use Viewboxes
General Film Viewing. (6)
Standard Viewboxes for general medical and other x-ray films up to 14" x 17"
Techno-Aide General Techno-Aide Techno-Vision Wolf InSight Wolf MG-7 Wolf Liberator Wolf Trimline
High Light Output Viewboxes
Industrial / High Light Output Viewboxes. (3)
Viewbox models that are ideal for Industrial and other applications requiring the highest light output possible.
Techno-Aide Techno-Vision Wolf InSight Wolf Liberator
Mammography Viewboxes
Mammography Viewboxes. (2)
Viewboxes designed specifically for the reading of mammography films.
Techno-Aide Mammography Wolf Mammography
Podiatry and Ultrasound Viewboxes!
Podiatry / Ultrasound.
A Viewbox intended for small format films.
Viewboxes for Vets!
Veterinary. (4)
Viewboxes that are idea for small and large animal practices.
Techno-Aide Standard Wolf Econoline Wolf Trimline Wolf MG-7
Bright Spot / Hot Spots!
Bright Spot / Hot Spot Illuminator.
For intense illumination of excessively dark areas on any type of film.


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