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The ECC UXI X-Ray Test Meter!
Model UXI kVp, mA, and Dose Meter
An all in one tiny instrument that uses an Android tablet for it's display!
X-Ray kVp and Time Exposure Test Meter!
Model 815 kVp and Time Meter
A proven and reliable X-Ray Test instrument for the measurement of kVp and Exposure Time.
X-Ray kVp, mAs and mA meter!
Model 820 kVp, mA, and mAs Meter.
Electronic Control Concepts kVp / mAs Meter combines all the features of our Model 815 kVp Meter, and adds the mA and mAs measurement function in one compact unit.
ECC 870 mA, mAs, and Exposure Time Meter!
Model 870 mA/mAs/Exposure Time Meter.
A affordable, quality instrument specifically designed to measure x-ray tube current and and time.
ECC 8700 Pulse Counting X-Ray Exposure Timer.
Model 8700 X-Ray Pulse Counter/ Exposure Time Meter.
A quality time measuring instrument that counts pulses on single phase/self rectified systems and exposure time on 3-phase/HF Systems.
Model 890 X-Ray Exposure Dose Meter!
Model 890 X-Ray Dose & Exposure Time Meter.
A small hand held battery operated instrument designed to measure x-ray dose and exposure time.
X-Ray Output Detector!
Model XD88 X-Ray Output Detector.
An X-Ray Output Detector which provides a means of calibrating and trouble shooting x-ray generators.


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