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Advanced Survey Meter!
Advanced Survey Meters.
An easy to use, logging and bar-coding survey meter which supports a wide array of probes.
Ion Chamber Survey Meters!
Ion Chamber Survey Meters.
Conventional Ion Chamber survey meters which are rugged, easy to use, and portable.
Pressurized ÁR Ion Chamber Survey Meter!
Pressurized ┬ÁR Ion Chamber Survey Meters.
Similar to the 451B above, this model features a pressurized ionization chamber, providing enhanced sensitivity and improving energy response to measure gamma and x-ray radiation.
Personal Radiation Meters!
Personal Radiation Monitors.
Small lightweight meters designed to be worn on your person and monitor radiation dose and also alert the user to high levels.
Digital Area Radiation monitors.
Digital Room/Area Monitors.
The Ludlum 375 Series Radiation Area Monitors are a line of versatile, compact and very affordable digital electronic room/area monitors.
Isotopic Identifier!
Isotopic Identifier.
An instrument designed to give users like first responders a simple tool to quickly locate any abnormal levels of radioactivity and accurately identify the isotopes present.


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