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Portable and Dental X-Ray Systems!

JPI America X-Ray Equipment!
JPI America X-Ray Systems (3)
A quality line of x-ray systems for both human and veterinary applications.
Veterinary Small-Animal System. 240HF 9015HF 9020HF Podiatric System
MinXray Corporation!
MinXray Portable X-Ray Medical Systems. (2)
Long known and trusted Portable X-Ray Systems Certified for Human Use in the US!
HF120/60HPPWV 120kVp/60mA HF100H+ High Frequency 100kV/20mA.
Source Ray Inc.
Source-Ray Medical Portable and Podiatric X-Ray Systems. (5)
A top quality manufacture of both digital and film based Portable X-Ray Systems Certified for Human Use in the US!
DR Digital Systems PowerMax 1260 SR-130 SR-115 PXS-810 Podiatric
Soyee Hand-Held Portable Veterinary X-Ray Units. (2)
Top Quality, low priced Portable X-Ray Systems for veterinary and other non-certified, non-human uses.
SY-31 Series Line/Low Frequency. SY-HF-110 High Frequency.
Ultra Series Portables!
Ultra Series Equine/Veterinary Portables (6)
This line of Equine/Veterinary portables are the lighest weight, yet the highest powered hand-carry portable units we carry. (Not approved for human use in the USA!)
8030HF 9030HF 10040HF 10060HF 12040HF Stands and Tables


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