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Protec OPTIMAX Table Top Film Processor.

PROTEC GmbH & Co. KG! Rugged & Reliable Table-Top Automatic X-Ray Film Processor

The Standard of Excellence in 90 Second Processing !

The OPTIMAX is the world's premier 90 second automatic x-ray film processor. Designed as a rugged workhorse, the OPTIMAX can handle film volumes from very low to a higher capacity. The proven design of the OPTIMAX is efficient with energy, water & chemical use, saving the OPTIMAX owner money while delivering outstanding quality images.

The OPTIMAX is manufactured by Protec Medical in Germany in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2000, IEC, TUV, CE, CSA, and UL quality standards. The OPTIMAX sets the standard of excellence for 90 second automatic x-ray film processors.

Features & Benefits:
  • Lightweight, yet rugged tabletop processor.
  • 90 second processing speed, leading edge to leading edge.
  • Energy and water saving design limits run time to when film is actually being processed.
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-crystallization programs result in chemical savings and outstanding image quality.
  • Intelligent replenishment sensor limits chemical use resulting in chemical savings.
  • All components are easily accessible underneath for service.
  • Temperature control on the front panel for ease of use.
  • Top film feed and top return for convenience.
  • Film transport rack design with spring loaded rollers helps eliminate film jam problems found with other brands.
  • Quality polyurethane & rubber rollers for outstanding image quality and no artifacts.

  • 1 year parts warranty. • Meets ISO, IEC, CE, TUV, CSA & UL quality standards. Flame retardant material used for housing. Made in Germany by Protec GmbH.

    Standard Equipment:
    • Comes complete and ready with all components for tabletop processing
    • Levelling legs for uneven surfaces
    • Spare parts kit
    • 6.6 gallon (25 liter) replenishment tanks with filtering replenishment straws
    • Floating lid for developer tank
    • Water supply hose
    • Tubing and hardware
    • Installation, Operating and Parts Manual
    220-240VAC/50-60Hz version standard - Price includes 120 volt converter transformer.

    OPTIONS: Stand

    • Film Size: 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) min. to 14” (43 cm) X any length max. Will accept roll film.
    • Processing Time: 90 seconds (factory set), leading edge to leading edge.
    • Developer Temp: 82-99 oF (28-37oC), adjustable.
    • Replenishment: Rates adjustable either 450 ml per 10 sq. ft. (ml/m2) or 600 ml per 10 sq. ft. (ml/m2). Manual pumping selection allows for automatic fill of the internal chemical tanks.
    • Net Weight (Empty/Filled): 77/110 lbs (35/50 kg)
    • Tank Capacity: 1.3 gallons (5.0 liters) in each section: developer, fixer, water.
    • Film Drying: Warm circulated air, factory set to 149oF (65oC).
    • Chemical Storage: 6.6 gallon (25 L) tanks
    • Film & Chemistry: Use standard medical X-Ray film and chemistry formulated for automatic medical X-Ray film processors.

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