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Steel Wool Canisters!
Reloadable Steel Wool Canisters, Fill Pails and Accessories.
Steel Wool Ion Exchange canisters and other accessories for use with Silver Recovery Systems.
Rotex Ultra!
Ultra Standard Series.
Rotex's standard Ultra Series with switch-set recovery rates.
Ultra Jr. Series.
Ultra Jr. Series.
Small, efficient, electrolytic silver recovery unit designed for small applications such as veterinary and chiropractic offices.
Ultra Combo Models
Ultra Combo Models.
Electrolytic silver recovery unit and tailing canister.
Auto/Batch Systems.
Auto/Batch Systems.
Automatic electrolytic batch system.
Micro Mix Combo
Micro Mix Combo.
Desilvering system for the C-41, RA-4, EP-2 and E-6 fixer systems.


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