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X-Ray / Radiology Patient Positioning Aids.
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Techno-Aide Foam Products!
Patient Positioning Foam Products.
Techno-Aide offers a complete line of foam products including Body Wedges, Head Blocks/Wedges, Finger Blocks, and Rectangle Blocks as well as complete kits to cover most radiology applications.
Decubitus X-Ray Positioner!
Lateral Decubitus Positioner with Bolster.
A speciality positioner intended to aid technologists in positioning patients for cross-table lateral examinations.
MRI Safe Positioning Products.
MRI Safe Positioning Sponges.
Positioning Sponges designed to be used safely in the MR department.
Techno-Aide Sandbags!
Standard Sandbags.
Techno-Aide's sandbags provide positioning, support and pressure.
MRI Safe Sandbags!
MRI Safe Sandbags.
Non-Ferromagnetic Sand Bags made from materials that is nonmetallic and nonconductive.
Head and Neck Support!
MG Medical Headset/Headrest/Neck Support Systems.
MG Medical delivers products that allow for the precise positioning of patients head/necks during radiology imaging procedures.
Loosely filled sandbags that contour to a broad range of shapes for patient positioning assistance.
Veterinary Positioners.
Specialized foam for veterinary positioning during radiographs.
Wheelchair x-ray positioning sponge!
Wheelchair Positioning Sponge.
A Patient Positioning Sponge perfect for propping up cassettes behind patients in wheelchairs.


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