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Elite Markers!
Elite Markers.
The highest quality lead markers color coded (Right=Red, Blue=Left), and wraped in an aluminum frame.
Identifier Markers!
Identifier Markers.
Color coded (Right=Red, Blue=Left), injection molded, high-impact, white polystyrene cased markers with or without initials.
Position Indicator Markers!
Position Indicator Markers.
Color coded marker sets (Right=Red, Blue=Left), with tiny lead balls in a vial to indicate the direction of gravity.
Digital Markers!
Digital Markers.
These markers contain a 3cm ruler. When imprinted on a digital image, this gives it a sense of scale at different zoom levels and display sizes.
Clipper Markers
Clipper Markers.
X-Ray Markers designed to clip onto the sides of X-Ray Cassettes for easy attachment.
Special Use Markers!
Special Use Markers.
Extra thick/filtered markers for use with higher kVp/mA and/or Oncology.
Marker Word Sets
Complete Marker Word Sets.
Complete packages of markers with all the commonly used word sets such as general use, tomography, IVP, oncology, video swallow and custom word sets.
Mammography Skin Markers!
Mammography Skin Markers.
Disposable markers for directly on the skin during mammo procedures.
Radiology Skin Markers!
Multi-Modality Skin Markers.
Skin Markers which are visable on varying imaging modalities and provide a reference point on the patients skin that can be seen later on their images.
Marker Accessories
Marker Accessories.
Radiopaque Rulers, identifing TAB stickers, wax pens, bonding tape dispensers, a fanny pack for storing markers, and lapel pouches to keep your markers close.
Lead Letters!
Lead Letters and Numbers.
Mounted and unmounted lead letters and numbers, holders and storage cases.
Lead Letter Holders!
Standard Lead Letter Holders.
Standard channel holders for lead letters shown above!
Specialty Markers and Holders.
Specialty Lead Letter Holders and Markers.
Specialty channel holders for lead letters shown above as well as some special maker types!
All-Craft Wellman Markers!
All-Craft Wellman Markers
A complete line of X-Ray lead markers from All-Craft Wellman Products Company.
Phillips Safety X-Ray Markers!
Phillips Safety Markers.
A listing of the markers offered by Phillips Safety Products alone.


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