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Bar-Ray Thyroid Collars!
Bar-Ray offers both a standard thyroid collar as well a Pediatric model.
Infab Thyroid Collars!
Infab's thyroid collars are available in a wide array of quality fabrics, with or without edge trim and now with a highly popular magnetic close option.
PNWX ProLite Elite Thyroid Collars!
PNWX ProLite Elite.
Our best x-ray protective line offers a quality thyroid collars in a wide range of fabrics.
TA Thyroid Collars!
Techno-Aide offers seven different styles of thyroid collars - all in a wide array of quality fabrics.
Wolf X-Ray Thyroid Collars.
Wolf X-Ray also offers two stles of thyroid collars in a wide range of quality fabrics!
Thyroid Collar Covers!
Disposable Covers for any Thyroid Collar.
Thyroid Collar tissue-poly covers help Keep multi-user collars sanitary and prevent cross-contamination.


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