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Glasses (5)
X-Ray Protective Leaded Glasses in a wide array of frame styles and protection levels.
Protech Standard Line Protech w/NIKE® Vision Frames Wiley-X Techno-Aide Phillips Safety
Goggles (3)
A wide array of stylish Leaded Goggles from Infab, PNWX, and Phillips Safety to choose from.
Infab Protech Medical Phillips Safety
Surgical Loupes
Medical Loupes.
Light weight, Dental and Surgical loupes available with or without radiation protection glasses.
Face Shield!
Face Shields
Radiation Protective X-Ray Masks are designed for fluoroscopy and special procedures that require personnel to be present tableside for extended periods of time!
Leaded Lens Cleaner!
Lens Cleaner
A lens cleaner specifically designed for leaded lenses!


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