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Infab's Solid Panel Mobile Curtain.

Infab Corporation! LEAD CURTAINS

Infab's line of radiation protection curtains are custom manufactured to your exact specifications utilizing the same materials and expert craftsmanship found in their lead aprons. All curtains are manufactured from Infab's high quality lead vinyl core material and covered in your choice of any of their durable poly cloth colors and prints to match your decor (see color chart below).

Nylon track glides with "S" hooks and heavy duty carriers provide ease of operation and years of trouble free use. Curtain track can be easily curved to fit around obstacles and special room requirements for a nominal bending fee. The perfect solution for areas requiring a radiation protection barrier but where a solid wall is not practical or desirable.

This line of custom radiation protection curtains can be built to accommodate any request. From large room dividers to small "table side" radiation shields, Infab can manufacture whatever you need.

Please Note: Any single curtain panel is limited to 48" in width. Multiple panels can be ordered to accommodate widths larger than 48". These panels come with velcro to secure each panel together.

When figuring your curtain height, please allow 3" for the track & hook system at the top.
Grommets holes are every 6".

Tracking Information:
Straight Mounting Track: Mill finish 6063-T5 extruded aluminum, 1¾”W x 2”H, .080 thick.
Curved Mounting Track: Mill finish 6063-T5 extruded aluminum 5/8”W x 1-11/16”H, 0094” thick.

Mounting hardware for the track is NOT included.
NOTE: Tracking that exceeds 9' (or 108") MUST ship by a motor freight carrier.

  • Click here to view available fabric choices:
  • Weight of 0.25mm is approximately 0.65# per square foot.
    Weight of 0.50mm is approximately 1.3# per square foot.

    Mounting hardware for the track is NOT included. Due to varying conditions and construction types, we do not provide mounting hardware or mounting recommendations. Please consult your building engineers for mounting assistance.

    Pricing below is per square foot. Determine what size curtain you need first and the lead equiv. protection.
    For example, a 7 foot high x 4 foot wide curtain is 84" x 48", or 4032~ Divide by 144 to get square footage: you need 28SF.

    Stock #
    Your Price
    0.25mm Pb curtain w/Grommets (per sq ft)
    0.50mm Pb curtain w/Grommets (per sq ft)
    0.75mm Pb curtain w/Grommets (per sq ft)
    1.00mm Pb curtain w/Grommets (per sq ft)
    Mounting Track (Straight) & Glides for Curtains (per linear ft)
    Use for both wall and ceiling mounted curtains.
    Mounting Track (can be 'bent') & Glides for Curtains (per linear ft, straight)
    If bend required, call for custom quote.
    Mounting Track End Stops for 683680 (Pair)
    Extra Trim Chain per inch
    Ceiling Splice for Straight Track (Used when installing two shorter mounting track pieces together)

    Custom Sized Mobile Radiation Curtain.

    Infab Corporation! Mobile Radiation Protection Curtain
  • Custom manufactured to your exact specifications.
  • Available in all nylon or vinyl colors and trims.
  • Nylon track glides.
  • Heavy duty carriers.
  • 4 caster base design on each side helps to stabilize the unit.
  • Smooth and easy maneuvering.
  • Opening allows easy passage of people and/or equipment.
  • Hook and loop back straps.

  • Available in 0.25mm, 0.50mm or 1.0mm.
    Weight of a 0.50mm curtain alone (this weight does not include rolling frame) is approximately 1.8# per square foot.
    Cost below is per SF (square foot).
  • Click here to view available fabric choices:

  • Stock #
    Equiv. Pb
    Your Price
    0.25mm Pb per SF
    0.50mm Pb per SF
    1.0mm Pb per SF


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