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Equipment Shielding Products.
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Mobile Barriers!
Mobile X-Ray Barriers (5).
Movable X-Ray barriers for operator and patient protection!
Bar-Ray Infab Phillips Safety Protech Wolf
Image Intensifier Shield!
Image Intensifier Shields.
A lead protective drape intended to be mounted on the image intensifier of C-Arm systems to provide for better protection of the surgical team.
Lead Curtains!
Large Ceiling/Wall/Portable Curtains
Radiation protective curtains that are custom manufactured to your exact specifications utilizing the same materials and expert craftsmanship found in lead aprons.
Portable Lead Shields!
Small Portable Shield/Curtains.
Small mobile shields made of the same materials that comprise lead aprons, and mounted to small wheeled stands.
Surgical X-Ray Table Drapes!
Table Drapes
Leaded panel curtains specifically made to C-Arm and other fluoroscopy applications.
Lead Vinyl X-Ray Blockers.
Single Sheet Lead Vinyl Blockers.
Lead vinyl solid sheet blockers used to protect a portion of your cassette/plate during multi-shot exposures and other shielding applications.
Lead-Lined Storage Bins!
CR Plate/Cassette/Film Protection.
Lead-lined Bins to protect imaging plates, cassettes and film from scatter radiation.


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