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Techno-Aide Flex-Guard Flexible Back Lead Apron.


Techno-Aide is back with lead apparel production!!!!

Weight Adjuster Flexible Back comfortably places more weight on hips, less weight on shoulders.
  • CHOOSE: hook-and-loop fasteners or 2" buckle closure.
  • 0.5mm Pb equivalency front protection. 0.375mm Option available. Call for pricing.
  • Pocket: Reinforced welt, spacious and strong.
  • Regular, Lightweight and LeadFree Core Options.
  • Shoulder Pads: Concealed for comfort and durability.
  • 1 line Free embroidery.
  • 2-Year Warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • 4X and 5X, Custom sizes available. Call for pricing.

  • Shown here in #61 Sapphire Ripstop with Black Binding, Velcro Closure.

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    Do You Need a Thyroid Collar, Back Support Belt, Eyewear, Cooling Panel, Carry Bag, Cleaner/Sanitizer Sprays, or Storage Rack to go with this apron?

    Lead Protection
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    Buckle or Velcro?
    FP-5R / $238.00
    FS-5R / $238.00
    FM-5R / $246.00
    FL-5R / $281.00
    FX-5R / $293.00
    F2-5R / $337.00
    Light Weight
    Buckle or Velcro?
    FP-5L / $301.00
    FS-5L / $301.00
    FM-5L / $309.00
    FL-5L / $344.00
    FX-5L / $356.00
    F2-5L / $399.00
    Lead Free
    Buckle or Velcro?
    FP-5N / $410.00
    FS-5N / $410.00
    FM-5N / $430.00
    FL-5N / $453.00
    FX-5N / $465.00
    F2-5N / $509.00

    How to measure for your Techno-Aide apron.

    What do the standard size measurements mean?

    The measurements listed in our product descriptions for Techno-Aide lead apparel are the actual sizes of the protective material.
  • Width: guards at least half your circumference;
  • Length: guards from your sternal notch to just above or below your knee, depending on your preference;
  • Around: guards the maximum circumference listed.

  • Available Fabric Choices.
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    Additional Embroidery Per Line
    Above Pocket
    Removable Hook-n-Loop
    Embroidered Name Patch
    Embroidered Images
    Embroidered Images, Custom
    Available Embroidery Images.
    Available Embroidery Type Styles.

    Removable Name Patch.


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