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Infab's new protective apron line featuring KIARMOR core material which provides 40% greater protection while being lighter weight. All Revolution includes "Cool Wear" lining: the most in comfort! Moisture-wicking from the inside, waterproof from the outside, abrasian resistant, flame resistant, and finally bacterial resistant.

Revolution Series Full Overlap Lumbar Support Vest and Skirt!
Full Overlap Lumbar Support Vest and Skirt
A fully overlaping vest combined with a umbar support belt on the skirt, this offers great protection, and has a Classic fit!
Infab Elastic Back Full Wrap Apron!
Elastic Back, Full Wrap Apron.
A unisex apron that is designed to be the most comfortable full-wrap apron you've ever worn. Includes Cool Wear Under Armor
Revolution Series Elastic Back Hook-n-Loop Frontal Apron!
Elastic Back Hook-n-Loop Frontal Apron.
An easy on/off apron with plenty of adjustment and a high level of lower back support.
Infab's Revolution Series Frontal Black Belt Apron!
Frontal Black Belt Apron.
A full frontal protection apron with a 6" wide orthopedic elastic Black Belt that supports the lower back while helping to remove apron weight from the shoulders.
Full Wrap Lead Apron with Belt!
Full Wrap Apron with Black Belt.
A complete front and back protective apron in a one piece design that is easy to put on and take off, and with the added comfort of a fully adjustable six inch wide orthopedic elastic belt.
Revolution Series Hook and Loop Frontal Apron!
Hook-n-Loop Frontal Apron.
A Hook n Loop secured frontal apron that has been redesigned to offer an even better fit, improved lower back support and an increased level of comfort and protection.
Lumbar Support Vest/Skirt!
Lumbar Vest/Skirt with Built In Black Belt.
A Vest Skirt that was redesigned to provide the best Lumbar Support for those long procedures!
Infab's Revolution Reverse Vest and Skirt
Reverse Vest and Skirt
Infab's classic REVERSE vest/skirt design now available in the Revolution line. Features a left shoulder Surgery Drop-Away Velcro closure and comfortable elastic in the back.
Infab Revolution Vest/Skirts!
Skirt and Vests.
Complete Male and Female Vests/Skirts in the Revolution Series.


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