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Radiation Protective Products
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Lead Protective Aprons
Aprons, Radiation Protective/Lead and Lead-Free/Lightweight (98)
98 different aprons styles from 7 separate quality manufactures to choose from.
Economy Frontal Protection Aprons with Buckles Frontal Protection Aprons with Tie's Frontal Protection Aprons with Hook and Loop Adjustable Fasteners Wrap-Arounds Half-Aprons Pediatric Vests/Skirt/Kilts Surgical Drop-Off's Weight Relievers Pregnancy Protection Dental PNWX Elite Techno-Aide Bar-Ray Biodex Infab Wolf Flow Apron Accessories
Pediatric Lead Products!
Pediatric Protection Products (12)
Radiation protective products intended for your small patients!
Bar-Ray's Pediatric Aprons Techno-Aide's Child-Guard Techno-Aide's Child Scolio-Guard Techno-Aide's Kiddie Kovers Techno-Aide's Breast Guard Techno-Aide Dental Drapes/Panoramic Dental Drapes Bar-Ray Pediatric Thyroid Collars Techno-Aide's Pediatric Thyroid Collars Bar-Ray's Pediatric Diapers and Gonad Shields Techno-Aide's Lap-Guard Techno-Aide's Gonadal Guard Bar-Ray's Pediatric Breast Shields
Lead Apron / Glove Storage systems!
Apron & Glove Storage Racks/Hangers and Transportation Bags (4)
Many different ways to hang up your Lead Aprons, gloves and other protective apparel
Carry Bags Wall Mounted Racks Mobile Racks Closet Hangers
Portable & Blockers/Sheeting
Equipment Shields: C-Arm/Fluoro Table/Cart Drapes/Sheet Blockers/Lead Curtains/Table Drapes (11)
Various Lead Vinyl Blocking and Shielding Products.
Mobile Barriers Image Intensifier Shield Lead Lined Storage Bins Full Sized Curtains Small Portable Curtains Fluoro Table Drapes Single Sheet Lead Vinyl Blockers
Personal Protection X-Ray Sheilds!
Personal Shields: Caps, Eyewear, Gloves, Gonad Shields, Leg Shields, Blankets (23)
Various shielding products typically used on the person to shield specific portions of the body beyond what a typical apron would cover.
Caps/Hats Glasses Goggles Medical/Surgical Loupes Face Shields Lens Care Gloves by Brand (6) Gonad Shields/Lead Blankets By Brand (5) Thyroid Collars Leg Shields
Lead construction Products for X-Ray Shielding!
Construction Products: Sheetrock/Glass/Windows/Frames (2)
Lead lined, construction materials including windows, window frames, drywall and more.
Sheetrock Glass/Windows/Frames


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