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X-Ray Film & Cassettes, Storage, Transportation, Sorting & Viewing Products

Aluminum Cassettes!
Cassettes, Aluminum.
Push Button, wafer thin and light weight Aluminum X-Ray Cassettes.
Screen Cleaners!
Screen Cleaners.
X-Ray Screen Cleaners and Brushes.
Screen / Film Contact Test Tool!
Radiographic Cassette/Screen Film Contact Test Tool.
Helps identify screen to film contact problems.
Multiple Cassette Rack!
Cassette CR Plate Rack.
Wall mounted, 4 compartment, x-ray cassette rack.
Cassette Carts!
Carts. (12)
Wheeled carts for the transportation of X-Ray cassettes and films around the department or around the building.
Cassette Covers
DR and CR Plate/Cassette Covers.
A Disposable polyethylene covers that fit over X-Ray cassettes to keep them clean & dry from exposure to bodily fluids, solutions, plaster, etc.
Cassette Cases!
Transportation Cases.
Convenient ways to transport heavy cassettes or films.
Cassette Holders!
Holders, DR/CR-Plates/Film Cassette
Mobile and table-top position holding and wall storage of your Cassette/CR/DR Plates.
Equine Cassette Holders!
Holders, X-Ray Cassette for Equine Applications.
X-Ray Cassette holders specifically designed for equine applications.
Pass Windows!
Passboxes/Pass-Through Windows.
Cassette pass-through windows allow light tight passage of cassettes and other items in and out of the darkroom.
Film Bins!
Film Bins.
Darkroom film storage bins for the storage of raw (unexposed) x-ray films prior to use.
Storage Solutions!
Shelving and Storage. (8)
Cabinets and storage solutions for X-Ray films as well as records.
Film Storage Boxes Records & Mammography Film Special Size Stackable Standard Stationary Work Unassembled CD/DVD/DAT
X-Ray Grids!
X-Ray Grids for improved image clarity.
Wall Racks!
Wall Racks and Sorters.
Wall mounted film racks and sorters.
Viewboxes. (33)
X-Ray viewboxes from three different manufactures and for just about any purpose.


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