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X-Ray Film & Cassettes, Storage, Transportation, Sorting & Viewing Products

Aluminum Cassettes!
Cassettes, Aluminum.
Push Button, wafer thin and light weight Aluminum X-Ray Cassettes.
Screen Cleaners!
Screen Cleaners.
X-Ray Screen Cleaners and Brushes.
Screen / Film Contact Test Tool!
Radiographic Cassette/Screen Film Contact Test Tool.
Helps identify screen to film contact problems.
Multiple Cassette Rack!
Cassette CR Plate Rack.
Wall mounted, 4 compartment, x-ray cassette rack.
Cassette Carts!
Carts. (12)
Wheeled carts for the transportation of X-Ray cassettes and films around the department or around the building.
Cassette Covers
DR and CR Plate/Cassette Covers.
A Disposable polyethylene covers that fit over X-Ray cassettes to keep them clean & dry from exposure to bodily fluids, solutions, plaster, etc.
Cassette Cases!
Transportation Cases.
Convenient ways to transport heavy cassettes or films.
Cassette Holders!
Holders, DR/CR-Plates/Film Cassette
Mobile and table-top position holding and wall storage of your Cassette/CR/DR Plates.
Equine Cassette Holders!
Holders, X-Ray Cassette for Equine Applications.
X-Ray Cassette holders specifically designed for equine applications.
Film Bins!
Film Bins.
Darkroom film storage bins for the storage of raw (unexposed) x-ray films prior to use.
Storage Solutions!
Shelving and Storage. (8)
Cabinets and storage solutions for X-Ray films as well as records.
Film Storage Boxes Records & Mammography Film Special Size Stackable Standard Stationary Work Unassembled CD/DVD/DAT
X-Ray Grids!
X-Ray Grids for improved image clarity.
Wall Racks!
Wall Racks and Sorters.
Wall mounted film racks and sorters.
Viewboxes. (33)
X-Ray viewboxes from three different manufactures and for just about any purpose.


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